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What is a DADU?

Often referred to as “in-law apartments”, “granny pads”, or “tiny homes”, a detached accessory dwelling unit (DADU) is a structure separate from the main house that lives on the same property.

How could you benefit from a DADU?

DADUs can serve many functions. Whether it is bringing family close, a way to generate rental income, or an office space to work from home, DADUs give homeowners a way to make the most of their property.

Where are they built?

DADUs are typically built one of two ways: in backyards or on top of garages. These options can be done in a number of ways to accommodate the specific needs of each site.

Why are DADUs good for cities?

Historically, Tacoma zoned most neighborhoods to accommodate large houses on large lots. However, in 2017, recognizing the need for more affordable housing options, Tacoma created the Infill Pilot Program. This encouraged residents to utilize their existing property for infill housing. As cities expand, infill housing provides a way to increase urban density while keeping the neighborhoods we love intact.

How long does it take to build a DADU?

From start to finish the typical timeline for a DADU is 2 months for initial planning & permitting and 4-5 months for construction. We work alongside trusted suppliers and contractors to ensure the process is as quick and easy as possible.

How big is a DADU?

Our DADUs range from 350-750 sqft and can be modified a number of ways to meet your spacial needs. From vaulted ceilings, to lofts, to multiple bedrooms, we do our best to build a space that works for you.

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