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Ken Miller

Ken Miller and co-founder Stephen Baldwin started DADU Homes in 2018 with the hope to build better communities, make a livable income, and show that both could be done at the same time.


Ken's early childhood began in Brooklyn living in public housing until his family later relocated to Mountain View, CA. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a political science degree and moved to Tacoma in 1970 where he worked as a welfare rights organizer. After working in the nonprofit world, he joined Weyerhaeuser Company where he took on various roles for over 20 years.


Ken served as national chair of the American Leadership Forum, chaired the board of the Tacoma Housing Authority, and is now a commissioner of the Pierce County Housing Authority.


Although his experience and certain outdated cultural references may age him, Ken is young at heart. He remains excited about his work and fascinated by new technology, such as keyless entry.


He sees life as a piece of art to be constantly sanded, shaded, and rephrased to make it more beautiful. He thinks energy and matter are neither created nor destroyed but simply re-formed. As such, he believes we’re each responsible for the world we want...these beliefs come with consumer warnings.


Ken is married to Janet Thiessen, a community activist and talented quilter. He has two adult children and two granddaughters, one of whom chews her feet without embarrassment.


As a longtime member of Pierce County, Ken is proud to continue enhancing his community one home at a time.

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