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Our Impact

We don’t just build DADUs.

We build communities.


On average, small houses reduce carbon emissions by 90%. We do our part to bring an eco-friendly approach to the entire construction process, choosing sustainable methods along the way. 

Gently Densifies

Infill housing meets the needs of a growing city while simultaneously protecting farms and wilderness from sprawl, and diversifying the supply of affordable housing.

Affordable Housing

In recent years, Tacoma's zoning laws changed, allowing homeowners to build DADUs on their existing property. This provides a new way to offer affordable housing while keeping our neighborhoods intact.

We believe in using our knowledge and skill to make an impact, which is why the core of our mission is to better our communities by building forward with them. As our cities continue to grow, so does the need for affordable housing and cost-effective infrastructure. We recognize these needs and believe DADUs can provide a solution, in a number of ways.

Low Impact

By using a pin foundation, we're able to keep our builds low-impact, causing minimal disturbance to the existing environment.

No-Profit Builds

We offer not-for-profit (at cost) builds for clients who make a commitment to provide at least 5 years of low-income housing with the DADU we build.

Streamlined Process

We build year-round, consulting with professionals each step of the way in order to have your DADU built in 6 months or less.

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