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Why Infill Housing is Essential

In 2017, the City of Tacoma launched the Infill Pilot Program. The purpose of this program is to promote housing choice, whilst ensuring innovate residential development types and designs are responsive and harmonious with neighborhood patterns and character.

Infill is best defined as a new development that is sited on vacant or undeveloped land within an existing community, and that is enclosed by other types of development.

In Tacoma, the following infill housing types will be reviewed under the Pilot Program:

  • Detached Accessory Dwelling Units in single-family zoning districts

  • Two-family development on corner lots in the R-2 Single-family District

  • Small-scale multifamily development in the R-3 District

  • Cottage Housing in most residential districts

Why is this important?

Infill housing gives residents the opportunity to live in neighborhoods that meet their lifestyle preferences and economic means. Furthermore, it increases housing density in order to better utilize existing infrastructure and community resources such as public transit, neighborhood retail and commercial services.

According to the Tacoma Infill Pilot Program Handbook, DADUs in particular allow residential backyards to be utilized for infill, which maintains the scale of single-family development while increasing the number of small building footprints.

On October 6th, DADU Homes participated in the City of Tacoma's infill housing hearing. We supported the proposed changes to and expansion of the City's infill pilot program because housing densification builds healthy neighborhoods.

Read the letter we submitted for the hearing below:

city comments
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